Haven Carwash in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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Went in with a coupon for "The Works Wash" for $14.99. You must drive in your own vehicle.

I was guided in by 2 employees. Somehow a piece of the equipment severely damaged my front tire, ripping a very large tear in the side wall. I believe they saw the rip prior to directing me to go ahead through the wash. When I parked for the vacuum and rest of the service I was approached by the manager saying "You know you have a big hole in your tire, right?

Well it wasnt there when I arrived! I noticed a sign stating "This car wash only accepts responsabilty for damage caused by wash and reported at time of service" so asked them to call the owner at that moment. He says I was driving the vehicle, not paying. The replacement tire cost me an additional $307.91.

Owner still refusing to pay for damages.

I got "the works" alright!

Review about: Car Wash.

Monetary Loss: $307.

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